Day 1: The Briefing

Once we were briefed on the project, I was rather inclined to work on a brief that would help society. After carefully considering my options, I focussed on designing for the creative conscience brief.   I initially wanted to work by myself but in order to maximise my chances of creating an extraordinary piece of animation, I decided to work in a group.

I shall be working with William Broomfield and Oliver Gear. I had recently worked with these two before in which our collaboration was very productive.



Men’s Mental Health Background

Challenges happen in life: difficulties with work or finances, the breakdown of a relationship, overwhelming family responsibilities, or a significant setback. These issues can have a serious impact particularly in men who often internalise rather than socialise their struggles, and think they have to tough it out alone. This behaviour has lead to a big increase in suicides – particularly in younger men – over the past few years.

Men’s Mental Health Challenge

Establishing and maintaining relationships, talking about the hard stuff in life and taking action when times are tough are proven ways for men to cope with many of these stresses.

How would you tackle a campaign, develop a product or app to address this issue? 

You could design a system, a community-group, an animation or fashion line raising awareness in a positive way. Tell a story through design, build an installation, make a film or take shots that might empower men to open up and tackle this issue and to create positive change.


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