Day 2: Text & Narrative workshop

James Cole, came to us on the 29th of November to discuss how we could develop our understanding on Text and Narrative.

Free-writing workshop:

We were asked to write down a random series of words, the first words that came to our head in a sense.

Image/scan my work

Then we were asked to respond to a stimulus, a word: design.

Image/scan my work

We discussed a spiderweb method whereby the Context, Subtext and the Text created a web for further information. From this part of the workshop it outlined to me that you need to distinguish your audience before you access the task ahead. Also inter text, which is the text that engages the others texts. This initial introduction into the basics allowed me to capture the sense of narrative and text in a different format to what I was used too.

Story Workshop:


Being visually stimulated by an image; we had to write a story that effectively demonstrated the image. I personally found this rather difficult at first as I wasn’t sure how to interpret the image. But after careful consideration, I wrote a story based on a citizen who was a transvestite. He lost his brother in a car crash and his brother always said “be yourself, no matter wha

After creating a 50 word story we had to simplify it into a series of 5 words.

Black Ice, I dodged, I crashed. As the villain broke through, it was all over.

james cole 3.pngjames cole 3.png

After identifying an image into a story, we learn’t how to interpret the appeal of an image and discussed what the image meant to us.

“Time, juxtaposition, bold and anger” and “different levels of legibility” this was my interpretation to the image in a series of words. I personally thought that the manipulation of a quote was rather interesting in making a judgement and a piece of art.

A word and projection artist called Jenny Holzer, created a series of work rather similar to Glenn Ligow but it utilised the medium of technology and projection.

  • Challenge the text.
  • Every word counts.
  • How I am going to tell a story?
  • How can I use text?
  • Be selective to make things work.

“Begin at the latest moment, end at the earliest moment” Ernest Hemingway

Narratives & Sequencing:

How too put it together?

A simplistic way of story boarding is using posit notes, this allows you to put your story board up on the wall and review it. Different colours can be used to review the storyboard as you create it.

Linear & Nonlinear:

“Take a space back and challenge the perspective”

Navigation Maps

A navigation map outlines the structure of the entire multimedia project…showing all of the pages and the connections from one page to others. It is useful for organizing and clearly seeing how material should be connected. The Navigation Map is similar to a storyboard, except that it doesn’t provide detail as to the contents of the individual pages. Below are some examples of navigation maps.

Linear Structure

The user navigates sequentially, moving from one page to the next.

Hierarchical Structure

Analogous to the branches of a tree. To move from top to bottom, one must move down one branch at a time…with more branches being available the lower you go. The structure is shaped by some natural logic.

Non-Linear Structure

Users can navigate freely through the content of the web project, unbound by predetermined routes.

Composite Structure

For the most part users can navigate freely (as in the non-linear structure), but are occasionally constrained to a linear or hierarchical structure for some of the material.

The use of different storyboard structures allow you to manipulate the structure of a film in a different manner.


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