Day 3: Mark Chaudoir Lecture

Mark Chaudoir is an award winning director of Commercials, Corporates and Brand films. His most recent work includes Roche, Coexist Foundation, Hays Recruitment’s, Sony, Discovery UK and for the United Nations.


The storyboards created by Mark Chaudoir were a huge inspiration. Although he didn’t design them, it provided me with an insight on the necessities and basics that were needed to create an accurate storyboard.

I found that the use of bold colour in a storyboard was particularly successful in demonstrating concepts and ideas. Could we potentially utilise a single element of colour?

One technique that Mark said was to create your initial storyboard into a series of posit notes and then reiterate it into a series of visuals. I will take this element into consideration when designing my animation.

Overall this initial lecture, into the foundations of animation, allowed me to gain an insight on what was needed to create an animation and how industry can develop from dramatically from simple trial projects. Personally, this lecture opened up my eyes into  how a motion graphic can manipulate the media.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 22.38.17.png

Tv Idents:

After reviewing a series of Mark’s Chaudoir clips I found a particular interest in cgi animation and how it can captivate the viewer in a series of simple transitions.

Could I manipulate this element? or should I keep it more simple?

After speaking to Mark, I found out that in order to create an effective animation preparation was key. “the more planning the better” when creating a series of storyboards for our animation we will focus on developing it through observations, storyboarding and sketches. He also informed me that whilst you are planning your animation try to predict any problems that you will encounter. This will allow you to focus on the entire animation rather than aspects of filming. “it’s all about the trialling”.



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