Day 5: Meet draw convention

During my exploration in this unit there was an opportunity to go to a graphic design convention. I found this rather inspiring and I looked forward to gaining an element of experience from industry professionals.

After I was presented with this opportunity, I suited up and created a series of business cards. During the evening I spoke to 9 Designers 4 of which were web design based. This became essential for this project and it allowed me to gain experience in a field of work that I would later exploit.

How could I utilise this experience?

In order to do so I thought about a series of questions to ask each individual before we started talking. This was a little thought provoking at first but after I had spoken to one individual, it became a lot easier and more familiar. As a result of this, I received a series of business cards and sparked a series of conversations with designers in different specialisms.


Overall, I am rather content with the fact that I went to this event, as it allowed me to branch out my communication skills with industry professionals and understand the necessities that are needed in web design.



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