Day 7: FAD Idea & Research

After reviewing our ideas as a group, we realised that the feminisation topic was little obscure and off at a tangent. In order to rectify this we carried out a series of observations, we found that not only did our previous idea not link directly to mens health/movember but it failed to create a comedic approach to interact with the audience.

How could we change this?

Our next idea is to include something called a FAD. It is a trend within society, whereby people try to conform to it in order to fit too society. We would like to make our own FAD as this highly relates to our younger male audience and people of our own generation. Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 00.01.04.pngThese trends have existed for a long period of time and we should replicate and recreate one:

Rick Roll, Mannequin Challenge, Bye Felicia, Chuck Norris, Vines, Harlem Shake, Kony 2012, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Gangnam Style, Pokemon Go, Keep Calm, Memes, Cinnamon Challenge, Neck Nominate, Frozen, Hashtags, No Make Up Challenge, Flash Mobs, YOLO and Selfies.

To create a FAD we need to design something that people will not only join in with but they will find interesting and funny. The concept of using this design allows people to conform to society yet also help a charity.  We wanted to characterise the most important elements to men. In order to do some I created a spider diagram:


add spider diagram



  1. First idea, consisted of wearing boxers on the outside of your clothing. Using this funny approach would hopefully engage the audience into hashtaging. Put photos on social media and raise awareness in a fad campaign (linking in to feminisation)
  2. Second idea, wearing clothing inside out to show support for mens health in a fad campaign
  3. Third idea, was to pick a card between an ace and a king. The hierarchy of the card would show your feeling, for example a 2 being rather insecure and a king being strong.

What idea’s would have the most potential?

How could we engage with the audience ?


  • #MenInsideOut
  • #CardChallenge
  • #Boxers
  • #MyCard
  • #Expressyourself
  • #Everyman
  • #MenMenMen
  • #BriefThoughts
  • #Briefing
  • #ThatsPants
  • #BriefEncounters
  • #BriefOuting
  • #BriefExpression
  • #BriefsTalk
  • #UnderwearTalks
  • #TalkAboutIt
  • #BriefCommunication
  • #LetsTalkAboutBoxers
  • #InsideOut
  • #WearWhatYouFeel

After reviewing a series of documentaries, we began to realise the potential of a fad and how it could connect with our target audience. In order to understand this further, we needed to interpret how it could be filmed.

Whilst filming we would like to utilise the equipment of a glide cam and a steady cam. This would enable us to achieve a steady composition with smooth transitions. In one scene we would have a group of individuals wearing pants onto of their clothes. In order to successfully film this we could slow down the motion and freeze people. The use of a glide cam or steady cam would work particularly well in this situation. It would allows use to create a steady transition between two compositions. In order to apply an effect in post production, we could utilise aftereffects.


Possible Outcome, and brief guidelines:

The brief specifies that we raise awareness for mental health. In order to support and make people aware of the problem, we want to identify this through the pants visual. By wearing the boxers on the outside of the clothing allows people to understand about people’s internal feelings. The use of the FAD has proved to successfully do this in the past, it engages young people into helping a society in a social way. The content we have produced is a metaphor for expressing yourself, something young men suffer from due to the pressure of society and feminiziation. The feeling of be unmanly, kind of mental pressure on society.

My Outcome idea:

My initial idea is to monitor the Journey of a business man, who is wearing brightly colours boxers on the outside of his clothes, walking through London. Whilst we are filming him he encounters a series of people who are confused with what he is wearing. After leaving the tube station he arrives at his destination, a flash mob. The film is captioned with handwritten typography with a voice over. The question “what could be used as sound in order to support the film”.

In order to solidify the concept further, the typography used could represent his inner thoughts and how society is looking after him.

How could I show this?


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