Day 10: Mark Chaudoir Tutorial:

After a short tutorial with Mark Chaudoir, we realised that our idea had potential but needed development. There were 3 key areas we needed to consider:

  1. Location: The idea of filming our idea in London provided many restrictions. It would prevent us from trialling our film/location. Therefore after discussing this with Mark we decided to change our location to bournemouth. As this would provide us with more experimentation and practise for our filming.
  2. Idea: Mark suggested that in order to achieve audiences attention, we needed to adapt our idea to the extreme. Mark suggested that we had the individual walk down through town just in his boxers rather than on top of his clothes. This idea was interesting but broke our concept completely.
  3. Action: In order for our campaign to work it needed to identify an action for the audience to copy and interpret.

After being informed to film in bournemouth and how we could effectively capture the audiences attention, Mark suggested a video called the “Red Button”. How could we adapt our story line t make it more surprising? How do we draw attention without commenting on mental health?

  • How could we utilise a framing device? A device with starts and takes the focus of the action.
  • Sound is extremely important in order to gain the attention of members of society.
  • Could we issue a red button or something similar.

Overall, the tutorial with Mark Chaudoir allowed us to gain further insight and the necessary problems that would occur with filming our piece.


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