Day 11: Logo & Hashtag development


After reviewing our hashtag and realising that #expressyourself was taken we needed to refine our idea.

We went through our previous ideas and highlighted our potential names that successfully demonstrated our concept. I experimented with a series of typefaces that could be used to demonstrate our hashtag. I personally found that din was the most effective as it was legible and a small size, something that will be needed during the film.



We trialled adding a logo to our hashtag, and in this instance it was a pair of pants on top of a letter. This worked rather effectively so therefore we decided to develop the pants idea little further.



Adding a small amount of type to the pants allowed us to clarify the logo further. Could the pants with the type round them officially be our logo.




Does this effectively work?

How can we trial our hashtag on society in order to gain some primary insight.


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