Day 11: Tim Varlow – Liquid



Top Tips: 

  1.  Listen – Evaluate what the clients are saying and want. They have a bigger ego and are paying you.
  2. The answer is the brief – The brief is like a question and you have to answer it. Find the core of that brief!
  3. Ask yourself the basic questions – Why, What, When, Who? All important questions we need the answer to. The audience isn’t necessarily you.
  4. Teamwork works – A lot of the work is done in teams. You need to be able to present your ideas but also take the feedback from others. Critical criticism.
  5.  Be prepared to get it wrong – Need to know its going to happen. Be prepared for it to go wrong. It’s OK.
  6. Work hard – This job can result in long hours. It’s a competitive industry. You need to put in the effort.
  7. Have fun – You’ve got this great job. So have fun with it!
  8. Keep learning – Get to know how to use various skills. Always learn. Things are forever improving and expanding, keep with it.
  9. Be nice – If it’s a nice experience to work with you there more chance they they will come back and work with you again.
  10. Thou shalt not covert thy neighbours designs to much – Don’t spend to much time admiring others work and wish you had created it. Be happy with what you have achieved and know others will admire yours.
  11. Keep your fingers crossed – There’s so much luck involved. Not everything you do will work. You wont win every pitch, A lot of random factors, Keep going!

Overall this talk was extremely useful and influential and I will try to keep these tips in mind for the future.



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