Day 15: Alice tutorial

After having a tutorial with Alice, we evaluated our idea. We found out that we weren’t providing a Call to Action. In order to understand this we needed to “Get to the jugular”. A comment for the liquid lecture. We asked ourselves:

What are we trying to get people to do?

How will people respond to our film?

What are we trying to achieve with our audience? Aimed at the friend or the individual?

Ask a friend how they are? what the best way to acknowledge this. In order to do this we needed to develop a new hashtag as our previous one MENtal_awareness failed to produce any action.

#Hashtag development from tutorial:

  • Don’t Presume, Ask
  • Don’t Not Ask
  • Are they okay
  • Ask For Help
  • Ask a Friend
  • Ask a mate
  • Is your friend like this
  • Not everyone is easy to read
  • not everyone is as easy to read as we have just shown
  • ask, not everyone is as easy to read as in this advert
  • not everyone shows their feelings on the outside, its the inside that counts
  • not everyone wears how they feel, ask

Let’s be supermen

#Hashtag assessment of originality:

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 20.23.12.png

After realising the ruok was a campaign we decided on focussing on #askafriend. This idea development from askamate which was originally used in this campaign.

Is this effective call of action?



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