Due to the fact we wanted to start filming on the Thursday we focussed on redesigning the logo and name through a series of media.

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After altering the design we trialled the process of vinyl on the pants. This proved to rather effective to our previous image transfer experiments. It was not only more refined and clear but it highlighted the action the audience needed to do.

Once transferred on to our desired colour of pants, we began to experiment with the composition of the campaign. Due to previous experiments, it allowed us to highlight an effective method that would successfully engage our audience. Using the colour pink creates a bigger juxtaposition within society. This was acknowledged when I walked round university in white pants and then in pink.

We designed a series of posters for banners, in order to make further recognition and gain more reactions from the audience.

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After changing our hashtag we created a small storyboard using posit notes to reconfigure our concept. We found that the hashtag didn’t change the story until the last scene. During the last scene a friend/individual would ask “are you okay?” then the transition would finalise with a pan towards the hashtag.

Our final idea is to create a campaign that stimulates the public to join. We want people to take photos of them wearing a pair of boxers over there clothes, or as they choose, and share it on social media. What we want to happen is for our ‘fad’ to spread and more people to join in. This will not only be a bit of fun but hopefully get people to realise that men’s mental health is an issue and something needs doing. Through our video we want to try and catch people by surprise and get reactions.

The ASK A FRIEND hashtag is going to be the name of the campaign and the call to action. What we found before was we didn’t have a clear action we wanted people to do. So by having this name people know that the best way they can help is simply Asking a Friend. This can now be incorporated in our final movie and hopefully linked with Movember. We have also checked the hashtag online and found it isn’t being used, this can be useful if we want to take things further.


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