Day 47: Alice Tutorial

Due to the fact that Alice wasn’t in our previous critique we decided to show her our film and receive some vital feedback.


  •  Try a different voice over – We had Chris’s voice for the final film, she recommended we tried to get a professional voice actor to do it for us because they can add some emphasis to it. Before it seemed quite flat.
  • Include all photos – In order to show support for the film, Alice advised us to use all the photos of the people supporting the campaign and replicate it into the movie.
  • Try different music (idea)
  • Making the film shorter – In order to make an effective approach we all thought that it would be vital to make the film slightly shorter.The audience starts to loose interest in the first section of the film due to the fact everything is rather similar.


Overall, this critique with Alice allowed us to develop our sequence into a more refined approach.


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