Day 49: Richard Spencer from A Thousand Monkeys


A Thousand Monkeys is a writing agency based in Bournemouth, they help businesses make their words work harder through ideas, writing and training.

Conceptual – idea/ writing and training.

Most part of an email is the subject line, MAKE SURE YOU USE IT.

Covering email

  • Not too long, not too short
  • What you’re applying for
  • Show interest in the business
  • Link to website and what it contains
  • Say how many attachments and what they are


  • Motivated
  • Dedicated
  • Committed
  • Ideal
  • Excellent
  • Strong
  • Reliable


Sound proactive, use verbs, could become a barrier if not interpreted properly.

‘ A highly motivated, creative and professional graduate. A committed team player with a positive attitude, possessing excellent impersonal and communication skills with the ability to assimilate and learn new skills ‘

“I (do), (what)…, (that)…”

“I do graphic design which communicates my personal opinion on the creative world in order to sell myself to potential employers.”

Do you know what you are?

Be human and use verbs

“People buy from people they like”

Think of a superpower that will help sell you as a designer.

  1. Challenge 
  2. Action
  3. Transformation

I found this lecture vital, It allowed me to understand the values needed to create an effective curriculum vitae and an about me section on my website. After speaking to Richard, he provided me insight on how to structure this section.

“keep it simple and let your words speak for themselves”



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