Day 50: Final sequence Evaluation

On reflection I am pleased with my process that has gone on during this unit. I have experimented with a new discipline and understood the elements of moving image.

During this project we focussed on creating a film for the movember foundation. We designed a campaign through the use of a social FAD, whereby you would take a photo of yourself either wearing boxers or using the snapchat filter, to show that your there to support mens mental health. The concept behind our idea was rather interesting and experimental but had the potential element to work due to its obscure nature.

Research lead this project, after speaking and receiving vital advice from Mark Chaudoir we created a versatile idea that encouraged the public to investigate why I was wearing boxers on top my clothes. From this we received a varied response from the public, a small group of people were engaged and even asked me about the campaign . I personally felt that the juxtaposition between the condition and our obscure fad interpretation created a strong link with the public.

Although acting as the main character in the film was daunting, the outcome was worth it.  Due to the practise and trialling of our film, it resulted in a successful composition after the final edit. I particularly enjoyed editing areas of the film every though some bits didn’t get used. Being the first time I had used aftereffects for a project, I have managed to improve and learn very a lot in a small period of time.I feel working on the creative conscience brief gave me more motivation as I was designing something for good, something that could make a difference in peoples lives.

As a group we worked extremely well, we all contributed to project equally and used our individual skills effectively. Will focused mainly on the edit whilst Oliver and I focused on the aftereffects motion. In some aspects I would of liked to have more involvement in the editing but due to the amount of work to people, my judgement was necessary in carrying the project forward.

Every element of the project was carried out to the best of our ability, we extended our skills into filming, editing and acting. One element I think the project needs to improve on is the final edit. The second voice over we purchased lacked enthusiasm and didn’t carry the concept of the film. If we could change anything else I would of liked to filmed various angled shots of peoples reactions. Due to technical differculties, the Cosmo filming in 4k and the DSLR in 720p we decided to focus on the Cosmo footage.

However overall, I think as a group we successfully designed an effective film that would engage the young audience into replicating it on social media. Highlight of the project for me was received a message from an individual in America who was willing to where our boxers, whilst travelling to show that he was there to talk for mens mental health. This experience was so inspiring and made us feel that our concept was actually viable. To conclude although some areas of this project needed further development we did work effectively as a team to design a moving image sequence.

Final step is to improve the video for creative conscience.




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