Day 57: Primary Research: visiting Lilo

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During a trip down to London, I discovered a small studio called Lilo in Holborn. I promptly popped into the studio just to ask a few questions. After explaining to the receptionist that I was studying a graphic design degree at the Art’s University Bournemouth, I got introduced to Joachim Djavadi. He was a designer from Central St Martins. I got a glance of the studio whilst talking to him but he provided me with the insight that websites should be focused on navigation.

His words ” Hardest bit is keeping your user in your website”

Looking at the work of Lilo ,there style was very professional and communicated a core geometric design ethos. Although this brief visit did provide me with a small amount of insight, I wish I emailed them in advance in order to get a proper tour.   Overall, it was useful in understanding some elements of website design and provided me with the necessary insight to design more considered wireframes.


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