Day 64: About page development

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After trialling a series of compositions and images for my about page, I decided on blurring myself into the orange background with a photo filter. In order to this I went in photoshop change a series of values including curves, exposure and contrast. I then applied a photo filter and selected #ff00b8. I found that this about me section was vital and needed to be laid out effectively. Whilst following my initial wire frame for this, I changed a couple of elements.

Due to the fact I created by about me section early, I personally feel it successfully demonstrates my design ethos and ideas in a small amount of words. I didn’t want a standard cv layout with my education, stuff I have succeeded on. I honestly wanted the about me section to highlight my personality and my focus on design for good.

The slide with the typography was presented during my tutorial,  and as a group we al though that the font size needed developing. As not only was it hard to read but didn’t have a good heir achy with the heading type.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 22.01.57.png

Although this was successful at first a couple of elements needed developing.


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