Day 64: Contact page development

During the process of making the contact page I trialled a various amount of ideas. I followed the layout of my initial wire frame but ended up changing the composition in order to evoke my personality. I trialled a form attribute but this looked rather unappealing for a contact page. After struggling to create something original and different, I began to research into my favourite designer contact pages.

Due to the fact I hadn’t utilised a scroll a lot in my website, it allowed me to consider this element to be used in my contact page. I began to understand the versatility of the scroll  and how information could run down the page to look different. Whilst the majority of contact pages use a grid based layout, I wanted to show my personality and therefore I created something different.

The scroll would utilise a quotation “just say yes and worry about the other bits later” and at the bottom there would be a series of icons to connect to my social media accounts and my blog.

Let’s trial, test and iterate this.

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