Day 65: Project pages process


In order to add a sense of consistency throughout my website I decided on  3 layout compositions

1. This layout was created to deal with small amounts of information. It allows the viewer to understand the process of the project from challenge-concept-insight. I personally think that this layout works most effective with small amounts type to complement the composition. The overall concept of this layout works well in consideration with the work.


2.  This layout was created with the intentions of a video. It uses a large format in order            to allow the user to view the video without enlarging. I personally think that this layout utilises a good composition in how it encloses the text subtly and references the appropriate images whilst reading the text. Overall, one can say the layout successfully demonstrates an appropriate format for a video and allows the user to communicate with the page.


3. This final layout adds to a composition. The bottom images add an element of process to the page. I think that the overall layout works effectively in demonstrating how we got to our final outcome. Overall this layout, is utilised to add extra information and the process to the outcome.

All of these layouts were developed from my initial wire frame drawings. I wanted to utilise an element of white space, in order to allow the viewer to have their own preconceptions and thoughts. I do think that the layouts that I devised are effecting with the orange colour.

















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