Day 67: The end

Overall I am particularly content with the process that has gone on during this unit. I have learnt a new skill, developed an understanding of web image and gained patience. After my initial 3 days of reading HTML/CSS book, I new this project was going to be a journey. I now understand the basics of HTML and CSS. One aspect that has really engaged me during this unit, is the fact you can code anything. All you have to do is have some time, patience and you can create a visual. At first I found the process extremely daunting as I just expected you can copy and paste code and it would work. Coding takes the process of test, trial and iterate. The concept has resonated with me throughout the project, it has taught me that without testing/trialling you can’t create an effective composition.

I am pleased with my layouts and designs I have created. These effectively show my resolutions to a series of disciplines and confirm my design ethos. The only element that I am slightly disappointed with is the hover state over the image, if I had more time I would utilise a better typeface in order to make a clear and more coherent design.

Nonetheless, the fact I have only been coding for 12 days highlights how far I have come and also makes me realise that although things aren’t perfect to what I intended they successfully demonstrate my concept. The main element I am pleased with is the contact page as it used an original and contemporary style to a standard contact page. “click here and worry about the other bits later” adds an element of lightheartenness and personality to my website. The coding behind this page is also my favourite not only due to the simple hover states but the overall composition and the social media logos.

Research has always informed by discoveries, when I went to Lilo London it allowed me to understand how this skill could be adapted for industry. Coding is upcoming and therefore this project has provided me with the foundations to collaborate code and design.

Although the process of coding is rather tedious and long, I did enjoy it when it went right or if I solved a challenge I was struggling with. I now appreciate and understand the values of code. I am content with all the outcomes that have been created.





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